I just earned my first $8 in my second week!

Last Update: March 05, 2014

I just wanted to communicate i just earned my referral commission of $8 which is quietly encouraging and the first of many! I am dancing around my house. Onwards & upwards towards Vegas. Yipee!

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bap0304 Premium
Congratulations, its awesome to see the process work and have that feeling of being on the right path.
yinc88 Premium
Starrlett Premium
That is awesome. I haven't monetized my website just yet but I know when I do I will be elated once I receive my first sale.
fastedie147 Premium
Starlett Thanks you will do soon. Just keep doing the right things and go through the training.
AudreyAO Premium Plus
That's AWESOME!!! Congratulations. I can almost see you dancing from here in Florida. lol
~ Audrey
Namastepow Premium
Congratulations! What is your site? I am always curious about site's who earn commissions :)