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Fear - whether it's of the unknown or whether it's what people think can cloud your judgment and ability to grow into a wonderful person. Your perspective on the world, in situations or about others has a powerful impact on your life, more than you know. Just always do what feels right within.Just remember this, that rage, sadness and arrogance blinds you from the good in others, in the world and yourself. Material things in life such as money, expensive cars,
June 27, 2020
Hello,I finally have the color scheme I want for my website after being so picky for hours and hours on it,(typical lady)! - thanks to website is AMAZING! It helps you choose ALL SORTS OF COLORS but you need to copy a code (e.g. #191919) and paste into your website through - Appearance, customise, colors, "select color" and below paste code into box to bring your desired color! When you are in, click on "featured pairs", simply click on any box image below and you
Hello everyone - hope you are all having a great weekend. I just wanted to share that I am ready to start my level 3 training, exciting times and am looking forward to learning more. I am thrilled to have created around 5 posts in my website and really thought that it would be tough but I think with Jaaxy platform, it really boosted in creating content! I actually got an email that my website is indexed in google after being here now 2 weeks and a small success there! My niche is about health,