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Few weeks ago I was asked to write a couple of articles based on a topic that hit very close to home.  The topic? Bullying!  I was the victim of bullying for the better part of my schooling and writing about it was very easy for me to say the least.  I wrote those two over 600 word articles like a breeze. At that time, John had created a very interesting one page site about Cyber-Bullying and the dangers and effects that this dangerous modern day bullying can have on our childre
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Are you suffering with the myth of the writer’s block?  And why do I call it a myth?  Have you ever tried to talk about a subject you knew well, but no words were coming out of your mouth?  Have you ever tried to talk about something you didn’t know anything at all and be able to say much about? Both answers here would probably be NOT!  You just cannot be stuck with words if you are talking about something you know well and just cannot say much at all about something you
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Once actor Errol Flynn said: "My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income".  He understood that his habits were directly linked to his pocket book; how much more so, WE, as internet marketers. Are you habits in accord with your new (or not so new) internet business? Are you writing those articles regularly?  Are you keeping up with those blog posts, Squidoo lenses, Hubpages?  Are you keeping up with your WA tutorials?  Are you keeping up with y
<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"> Hi you all! Hope you had a great Memorial Day!  I have been slaking with my WA blog posts recently, but I have been very busy, and that was a very good kind of busy.   A very smart and successful member of WA asked me to partner with  her to create a hot product that she found out to be NONE EXISTENT on Clickbank.  So, we knew we had something there.   Now, our product is just about ready.
A lot of people are outsourcing their writing work and willing to pay others to the job for them and this is all good, since it makes everyone happy.  The person outsourcing his or her work finds someone who can write for him or her and the person with writing skills can make some extra money.  This is all good isn’t it? The only problem is showing its ugly face when two things happen such as, either the person outsourcing his work wants articles written for very little money, such
April 25, 2010
You know how it goes, it is easier to ask for help for others than it is for oneself, so I promised someone that I would ask for help here. A couple of days ago a WA member asked me If I knew anyone that would be willing to outsource their internet marketing duties, so she could make some money. I have to mention that this individual is a knock out writer, and she would give you a great deal for your articles writing jobs or anything else you might be willing to pay for. Unfortunately Minnisha w
We hear this questions here and there recently. People are asking this question on forums wanting to know the answer. Well, first of all if this was true, the very forum or forums where they are asking this weird question would be close as up today or maybe even yesterday.  There would be no need for internet marketing forums anymore.  Because it is dead! When I see new marketers asking such questions I have to wonder, why would someone in their right mind and seeing all the stuff o
I know we always talk about articles for directories and how the better your articles the most likely people will read them.  However, your articles on directories are not the most important place where you should make an effort to write informative, interesting and pulling articles.  The place where you really want to apply all the tricks you know about writing is on your blog.  The reason for this is that while people might scan through your articles they find on directories,
Recently I was reading a forum post (outside of WA) regarding a very highly regarded article spinner. What caught my attention was that the person using this tool was a bit disappointed about the service as it turned out to be something different from what he had expected. Then, sure enough, more dissatisfied people replied to the post and it reinforced the fact that anyone using article spinners, no matter how good they thought they were, couldn't be trusted to do everything for you entirely.
I’ve done a whole lot of reading about duplicate content lately to try to find out once and for all how duplicate content is viewed by the web in general and ultimately by search engines.  I wanted to know if it’s really bad or if it’s rather good for our site and overall campaigns. When an internet marketing subject has bugged me long enough, I take the bull by the horns and do an extensive search and lots and lots of reading on the subject. Personally I am very possessive of my own