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Last Update: December 12, 2019

It took me 2 months when I first started at Wealthy Affiliate to write my About Me.

Don't laugh, it was my first blog.

And my best.

So, I am quite proud of hitting the 50th blog mark. I just figured with 3 long vacations in the last 18 months and a major move, that I have been active for one year on this platform!!!!

So, when my energy levels get back to normal (some would say abnormal), I will write my 52nd blog about one year at Wealthy Affiliate. It has been so much fun meeting you all and actually learning something.

2020 is going to be more fun learning and earning.

And much more profitable now that I know the difference between a CEO and SEO.

Man was I green.

Twelve days until Christmas Eve and Santy Claus!

Happy Holidays to All!

Expat Markio

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CStauber Premium
I wish you much success with your business. 2020 is definitely a new start for me as I am still in my OEC training but now have a clearer vision of exactly what I am aiming for. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you as well.

Take care and have
a blessed weekend
VicSenior Premium
Congrats my friend. I think I've got about a months time-in-grade here, no vacations, no moves, and STILL no "About Me" page. So a half a hundred blog posts is an Extraordinary accomplishment, at least from my perspective. But I do believe the fog is finally lifting, and some serious production is on the way. Wish me luck.
Happy Holidays all!
DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Mark and congrats on 50 posts.
It is quite the achievement to reach this level.
Have a great day.
Darren :)
RonaldH3 Premium
Great Mark.