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January 29, 2020
I was recently watching an old favorite movie of mine "The Truman Show" and it got me thinking about how I'd feel looking from outside in on my life. It's easy for us to yell at the TV on what we would do in a situation or how we would do it 10x better, but thinking about my choices I've made would I be satisfied? Cut!I personally would have to yell cut!! I'll be honest I've been working hard on building my own business, but if I was watching my show I wouldn't be satisfied with effort I'm putt
This will be somewhat of a lame post as I haven't learned a huge amount yet, but I have to say I am extremely proud of myself! I have been trying to work toward financial freedom for years and have never felt closer than here at WA.Bit About MeI won't go into much detail about myself as I'll post my site soon and you can check it out in full. But to explain how excited I am, I have to share a bit..try not to fall asleep ;)As a kid I was enrolled in a private school which for all of elementary I