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Last Update: August 15, 2018

So this is a pretty big deal for me. I hope it represents a turnaround in my life and in my future success.

I don't want to share everything with you all just yet, however, I have been doing a lot of introspective thinking over the last few weeks (and years!) and I am reaching a point in my life that I want to be a complete reinvention. I have wanted to tell my story and I invite you to follow me as I reveal insight about my past and what I want to achieve in the future.

I've always said, "Life begins at 40". And if it doesn't, it might as well end. I know that comes across as somewhat morbid but that's just the depression talking. Deep down I am a positive, ambitious, optimistic creative just seeking the right outlet for my ideas that will draw in the right kind of people around me as we march towards a bright horizon.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I'm nearly 40 and don't have much of a clue. Some may say it's a mid-life crisis, but whatever you want to call it, I'll tell you what it feels like for me; it is the ending of one chapter and the starting of another. Same book, different story, and like any book one shouldn't judge it by its cover, so in the same way it's important to get to know what is written on my pages.

I am educated; I started out as an Auto Mechanic and worked in Web Design for a while back when Flash was everywhere. I have since graduated university with a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, however here in New Zealand the career opportunities are fairly few and far between. I am going to return to my native UK and persue options there, and at the same time be working on this Wealthy Affiliate programme to grow my online presence and share more of me and what I'm doing with you all.

Please feel free to comment below, follow and of course, check out some of my content as it gets published.

Best regards, and we'll talk again soon,


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JeannineC Premium
You've decided to make an investment in yourself. You've chosen your path and taken the first critical step. It won't always be easy but it will always be worth it. Congrats!
Kyle Premium
Awesome, congrats Laurence! I really look forward to seeing your progress as you do move forward!
Amal24 Premium
Wishing u all the best