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Last Update: August 29, 2018

Hi guys, just a quick little update from me today.

I just read a short article by Spencer over at Nichepursuits.com, talking about how it takes time to get ranked in Google and other search engines, at least 3-6 months depending on how much and how often you add new content.

And expect to wait at least a year until you start to see any revenue being generated from all those affiliate links you have been strategically placing in and around your website...

Anyone here who has been through the beginner training and reading other users posts will understand this and be prepared to put in the effort necessary for success in the long haul. I certainly am and have been brainstorming ways to create quality content and getting my site occupied with useful and interesting articles that people will want to read. Not only will your visitors appreciate it, so too will Google and Amazon (if you're an affiliate, be sure to read up on what can get your account banned).

So here I am, only a month in and building 2 websites side by side, each with a different flavour to hopefully capture the interest (and traffic!) of 2 quite different markets. It's an ambitious project but I want to give myself every opportunity for future success and I wish the same for everyone here also, just stick with it, keep learning, do something new each day and by the time you start to see significant traffic to your site you will have a great understanding ot how this all works, the tools and techniques you can use to your advantage, and how implementing useful methods can increase the number of visitors. Before long, you will likely see exponential growth as your site starts to get ranked and gain authority.

I hope this helps give a little encouragement and inspiration for you all.


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