A moment of clarity.

Last Update: August 20, 2018

Hi everyone here at WA, wanting to share a bit of a breakthrough I had today. One of the best benefits of going premium is it allowed me to expriment a bit with creating a few different sites with various themes, go through the over 3000 available themes as a premium member, and also researched some of the themes and styles they present.

I discovered that not all themes are created equal and although WordPress claims to be an all-in-one content management system (and one of the best PHP-based constructs I have worked with, having delivered Mambo CMS websites for clients back in the day), it also suggests that administrator-accessible changes and layout can be very limited, even leaving you with no choice of text colour in some (many) themes.

So having a multitude of sites and themes to mix and match to help come up with the best combination has been invaluable in my decision-making as I move forward.

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Glen B Premium
Hi Laurence,

I found some time ago that themes can dramatically help you in the development of your site. Many of the really good themes have built in editors with content blocks that allow you to quickly build very rich looking sites with drag and drop simplicity.

One of my favorite themes is really 4 themes built into one but has limitless possibilities. It's called "X". The theme is by themeforest and built by the folks at envato. It has four theme choices that can then be adapted into just about anything you can imagine.

There are tons of content blocks allowing you to drag n drop your way to heaven.

It uses the cornerstone editor which is a very good site builder.

It's not free it has a price of $60.00 and you have to have a license for each site you put it on. But if your looking for options and simplistic site building this is a good one.

- Glen B