6 month milestone!

Last Update: February 16, 2019

Well, here we are half a year in and all I have is a half-finished website with virtually zero traffic and no conversions....

Where am I going wrong?

I know the answer, but I'm unable to provide a solution. At least, not yet.

I'm considering cancelling my membership. After all, there are other ways to make money online without paying a monthly fee, right?

But is that going to help, and waste all the effort I've put in so far?

I want to take a membership holiday (if that is possible, still waiting to hear back from Kyle) whilst I make my transition back to the UK. Once I'm there and set up again in about another 6 months time I will be in a better position to tackle this whole mission once again!!

However, until then I don't want (and certainly can't afford) to keep paying the membership when it isn't generating any income (or at least paying for itself...)

So I'm in rather a tricky dilema; I want to remain here and continue but simply do not have the means to right now. Another half a year down the road and things will be far different!!

All for now,


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Good luck
r21rod Premium
Mmm, that is rare that you don´t see a progress, the techniques work, look, my statistics is around 20 visitors per day, I am here in one year.

1 year, 20 visitor per day (average),I feel that there are few, but it is enough to have income, I build a facebook fan page around my website and I close more deals too.

Now I run a facebook ads in order to get more traffic, I hope that this give me more income.

But this is a process, do not get discouraged, try to work another 6 months, I do not work affiliate products, I sell physical products and services, I do not know what your niche is but try. The WA techniques works for me, it should work for you too

emilyonline Premium
That's a shame you feel like that.
However, the really successful people here say time and again, that if you follow the training to the letter, you will get there eventually. It might take a year, even two.
I see you've completed level one of your training...I'd suggest that is where you might be going wrong. If you can stick it out, or when you come back, I'd highly recommend you follow the training to continue with your site.
Good luck!
TheresaHorn Premium