Hello, I am a YooTheme user and was wondering if anyone else here is too? If you don't know already, YooTheme, is a company that makes some pretty nice looking theme templates for Wordpress. Their problem, and thus mine too, is they are not too user friendly, and their support system kind of sucks also.

I would like to network a little with anybody here using YooTheme so that we may help each other out. Currently, I'm trying to "Create My Own Style" in the "Solar" theme, so that I may do some customizations, like adding a background pic, and some other stuff, which, apparently, will require a bit more knowledge of CSS and perhaps PHP, than I currently posses.

Please respond here, and/or, PM me if you like too.



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Elhussien1 Premium
I subscribed yasterday to yootheme pro.
I am not a web developer. I am struggling to upload a demo website to my wordpress here. Tried filezilla and wordpress import with no result. I saw my file uploaded already but they do not appear at my wordpress dashboard.
Could you please give me a step by step on how to upload a yootheme demo website?
mama2karsten Premium
Hey Brad... check out elegantthemes.com... lots of great wordpress themes... very nice... $39 per YEAR... for $89 per year you get pro version( I use pro version)... you can download any or all of their themes as many times as you want no addtional charge each month they add new one... fully customizable... you can choose how many columns... buttons and colors, backgrounds and colors... fonts... short codes... and more, very professional looking... video tutorials and written tutorials... upload & downloads instructions etc.
bradleygt Premium
Thank you very much Julie! I will definitely check them out. Supposedly YooTheme's new set-up is more user friendly, but, I dunno. Im gonna wait until they get the bugs worked out before I try it. I think I'll probably stick it out with them, at least with my first site. BRad