I have a category on my blog called recipies. under that I have subcategories like Italian, Mexican, BBQ and grilling, Desserts, etc. When I want to post a recipe I make a subcategory for the subcategory. For example under the desserts category I made one called Best ever lemon pie and another called Bananas Foster.
When I publish I only check the sub sub category where I want it to appear. I leave the uncategorized, the recipes, and the dessert categories unchecked. Still, the posts are going to the main blog as well as both the recipes and the desserts categories as well as the individual category where I want it to appear

How do I make a post appear only in the category where I want it?

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WilsonP Premium
Good advice below, Neil.

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you mean you don't want them to appear on the main blog roll at all? If so, you need to publish them as pages not posts. Posts get added to the blog roll automatically, but pages don't.
zydegeaux Premium
So instead of posts I should write them in pages Can I publish a page to a selected category?
zydegeaux Premium
One more thing Diane. I want the pages to appear on the sidebar, not the top menu. Can I do this?
merlynmac Premium
If you nest categories (I.e. subcategories) the content will appear in the parent chain. You can look at this old post to see if it helps:


The theme you choose can have a bearing on what's displayed too. For example, my drone site uses a theme where, instead of using the blog roll, I set it up to show a static home page and then have widgets laid out that display specific category posts.