Hi guys,
I'm SOOOOOOOO frustrated because everything is working EXCEPT for elementor and it only doesn't work for my blog page. It's great for all other pages but just doesn't work for the blog page.

Does anyone know what to do with this?
Any help is really appreciated

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Triblu Premium
Hey Marketa,

Whenever you have an issue with a plugin (which Elementor is) you need to reach out to the developer, explaining in detail.

You can find the WordPress dot org web page and then click on Support and submit a ticket.

Be prepared that they MAY ask you for access to your site. NEVER offer that detail in your ticket as all tickets are public.

Hope you find this helpful.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks Trish,
I've done that and now just waiting for the reply. Its just so frustrating when I've allocated time our frkm a very busy day and am then stuck
Anyway, thanks again for your help
siamjerry Premium
I had never heard of this before, so I went to their website. This looks quite impressive and I am interested to learn more. I guess you will have to ask them about your issue.
mgmalek Premium
The website is helpful to a degree but if you don't have the paid version, the help response usually tells you to buy it because everything will be better