I just added my first internal link and it works, however you cannot tell that there is a link there. It did not get udnerlined nor did it turn blue. Do I have to do this myself? And if so, how please?

Thank you for your time :)


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lesabre Premium
Hi Jenn, sylviauchin has given you your answer. When you go to your website dashboard, click customize which you will find at the top. Next click on colors. I use the Astra theme and it comes up with a few options, for me my color choices are located in an area called Global... here you can choose your text color, theme color, link color plus a few other choices. You can always change them until you have found a color you like.

All the best,
sylviayuchin Premium
It depends on your theme. Each theme is different. To check it, you may go to the customize panel. You also can check it from dashboard go to appearance> customize>....... and check the color choices to the text.
To give the underline, you can do it by adding the underline from the tools above on the page or the post editor.
bosswords Premium
Thank you. I will try that!
HildeRegine Premium
The same with me. I would also like to know how.
feigner Premium
is this when you view the article or in the editor
in the editor you may not notice a difference - if you click on preview you will have a new tab open to show you what the post will look like.
if in that the link is still not obvious then it is down to your theme and maybe adustable in the appearance customize - you maybe looking for typography
good luck