while looking at the back end i noticed a search console error, i checked search console and my website is there twice .

one has data the other dont could this be the problem and if so can i delete the one with no data?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Lee,

Check to see if you have setup your site with HTTP and HTTPS. Whichever one you are now using, KEEP and you can delete the other one.

However... if you have TWO of the SAME version of your website in Google, you do need to remove one of them, yes.

Be sure to check back in a few days AFTER deleting the duplicate to make sure all is running as it should.

You could also double check that you can STILL verify your website AFTER you have removed the duplicate, to make sure that all is as it should be, before signing out of your Google Console.

Hope you find this helpful.
Lee-Pat Premium
It was a duplicate for reason thanks