I am trying to add an affiliate link by highlighting the HTML from amazon associates and then I highlight the text in my post I want ppl to click on and when I view the page it says "Page cannot be reached." I am using the text only html so I know it isn't a picture HTML I am using. Any thoughts? Downright frustrating!

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TotallyB Premium
Can not get any Amazon links to work. Sends to about:blank. I copied link in full text and image. Then tried using text only link, now comes a small bump in the road. Please assist
onmyownterms Premium
Without being able to see what is actually going on, these are a few suggestions:

1) Make sure that the .html snippet that you are copying is 'well formed' - i.e., it is a legitimate URL, or if more than just a URL, it has the appropriate opening/closing tags.

2) If it is a simple URL link, use the visual editor in Wordpress, highlight the text you want to link, and then in the pop-up box, paste the URL: (http://www.amazon.com/(affiliate ID, etc)

3) If it is not a simple URL, you will need to use the Text editor in wordpress and paste the entire .html snippet there and save. Then go back to the visual editor and see if it shows up how you intend for it to.

That's all I've got without being able to see the actual code.