When I an formatting my post in WordPress and select a heading 3 the whole page changes to heading 3 it talkes forever to fix. Is there a trick to getting it done quicker?

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richardgb Premium
Hi Elke
A quirk of block editor that you’ll soon get used to.
If you’ve written your header as part of a paragraph then turn the header into the size you want the whole paragraph joins in!

Put your cursor at the end of the heading, click return to put everything after the header into a separate block,
Then you can select that new block and turn it back to a paragraph.
Elke63 Premium
Thank you. for your Information will try this it will save me a lot of time.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may want to format in text interface (html), to avoid spreading it all across the post.

You’ll want to add <hX></hX> tags around each heading, where X is the heading number to which it corresponds.