When I click the "Read More" on my webpage, nothing appears on the next page. What am I doing wrong?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Nancy,

Not knowing your URL, again... I can only guess.

Google searched "why won't my read more link take me to my post" (without the quotation marks, of course) and was offered all sorts of suggestions... so you may want to run the same (or similar) search, read through the different suggestions to see if any one of them may offer you a resolve to your issue.

Hope you find this helpful.
nsilva2270 Premium
Another Uncle Google issue. LOL Thanks
MarionBlack Premium
Go to wordpress.org and check your theme's support forum.
davehayes Premium
As others have said, have you contacted Site Support, I'm not sure of the reason without seeing a screenshot or video of it
BenjisDad Premium Plus
whats your site?
nsilva2270 Premium
It's showing now but I don't know what I did. That happened once before. I will have to figure out what I'm doing (or not) that is causing that to happen. I'm thinking its where I'm doing my editing. The content site or directly from the webpage. More experimenting.
WendaSue Premium
I'm not sure, but you could check with Site Help.
Hope this helps.
Wendi :)