I'm trying to delete excess unneeded duplicate image sizes from my Media Library which is severely slowing my load times. I followed some recommended training here (Boomerang08) which called for:

1) Delete ALL duplicate image sizes in the Media Library, then reload ONLY the one FULL SIZE image you intend to use.

2) In the Dashboard, click on Settings > Media and change all defaults to zero (see below screenshot) and uncheck the "Crop Thumbnail..." - to prevent duplicating the excessive image sizes again on the reload.

3) By changing the above settings, when reloading only one FULL SIZE image, 3 duplicate images in different sizes will not be saved into the Media Library.

Now there should be only 1 image size for each image in the Media Library. In my case, the images are 300 x 225.

As you can see after completing these steps from the following screenshots, the Attachment Display Settings CONFIRMED there is now only (1) 300 x 225 size of each Image in the Media Library.

YET when I check the Image Optimization results in the Media Library stats (Media > Library), I now EXPECT to see something like only this for each image:

"1 Size Compressed (+)
Reduced by x %.." for each of the 3 images.

But INSTEAD when I go to Media > Library to check the far right column under "Image Optimization", I see the surprising result of this last screenshot showing 3 reloaded images in 5 size compressions:

Note the latest EWWW Image Optimizer (4.06) is activated.

Why does the result show it 's compressing 5 sizes, when clearly only 1 size of each image was reloaded?
(I double checked again, the old images with 3 duplicate sizes were ALL deleted from the Media Library)

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?

Thank you.


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SurfsideBob Premium
Hey bro, ditch EWWW and try WP Smush. I've used it for quite a while and like it much better than EWWW.

Also, TinyMCE Advanced is awesome and I use it all the time. But that's a Visual Editor and has absolutely nothing to do with image optimization. Jimmy is perhaps confusing it with another plugin.

Here's 2 screenshots of the Visual Editor - 1 is Standard Setup and 1 is after I customized it with TinyMCE. Peace my friend. :-)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Hey bro, thanks a bunch you are so right, I need to try WP Smush and probably ditch EWWW. I will do so.

What happens as soon as I activate WP Smush? Will it automatically optimize the same images that were already optimized by EWWW? I already have over 214 images optimized by EWWW.

Robert (Boomerang08) today responded to my question on his thread, and said this:

"Even if you change the settings of the media library to only upload one image, sometimes when viewing the results of the compression it will still show more than one.

This does not always happen but when it does it is an indicator that there is another plugin that you are using that also uses images for some reason or another.

I learned this from the EWWW Image Optimizer question forum. If I can find the link again, I will post it here for a better explanation."

His comment seems to reconfirm exactly the results I am seeing, and the "5 sizes compressed.." after the relaod is likely attributable to EWWW using images for some other reason.

Peace, brother you are da best!

accad Premium
Have you tried this plugin: TinyMCE Advanced.
jetrbby80316 Premium
No, I will look into that, thank you.
I will likely also be using AMP plug in.
PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Kaju - I ran into the same problem. I had to disable certain image sizes in EWWW to get it to work. Have a look and see if it helps.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Patrick,

Yes, I did the same thing using Settings > Media and canged all defaults to zero. Now I am 60% complete in deleting all the duplicates and reloading only the images I am showing.

It's very tedious and there is alot of accounting involved which I've done on a spreadsheet, since I have 214 images I am using, which means including duplicates that is 856 images.
markr0675 Premium
I believe this may have something to do with it...

"WordPress Media Library Settings

Whenever you upload a new image to your website, WordPress creates three more versions of that file: thumbnail, media, and large. Each of these three versions has a different set of dimensions, or physical size. If necessary, you can change these three default sizes through the Media Settings screen."


Hope this helps!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thanks for the training Mark, I appreciate your response. Apparently you did not get to read the details in my question.

Yes, I know and I DID change all my images in my Media Library through Settings > Media to zero. Then I deleted all the images, and reloaded only the specific image I am going to use.

Therefore, the Image Optimization should now say "1 Size Compressed, Reduced by x %". That is what I expected it would say.

Instead it shows (even after taking the previous steps)
"5 sizes compressed, reduced by x %"

Which doesn't make any sense, because the Attachment Display Settings clearly confirm there is only 1 image for each, and all duplicates have already been deleted.

Makes no sense.
markr0675 Premium
You're right! My mistake!
jetrbby80316 Premium
NP, nice to see you Mark!
DynamicDavid Premium
I assume and this is speculation at my end, it is because WP has a few other different sizes. For instance, when you go into WP dashboard, media, library and see the list of images there. They are all a standard small size. I guess those images have to be stored somewhere ...
jetrbby80316 Premium
David, it could also be that I am inadvertantly not deleting all the duplicate image sizes, even though I think I am.

There is only 1 image of its kind in my Media Library that can be seen. It is full size 2048 x 1536. (see screenshot)

The Attachment Display settings also show image options in 3 duplicate sizes: Thumbnail 96 x 96, Medium 300 x 225, Large 1024 x 768

When I delete the only image of its kind in my Media Library (Full Size 2048 x 1536), am I also automatically deleting the other 3 duplicate sizes (which cannot be seen in Media Library)?

If not, then how do I delete the other 3 duplicate sizes (unseen), and confirm their deletion?

Thank you for your input David. let me know if you might know what I can do.
DynamicDavid Premium
Do you know how to use Filezilla?
jetrbby80316 Premium
Have not used it in a long time.
DynamicDavid Premium
Well what I started to do to remove the excess images was as follows: Using Filezilla:
1) I copied the image folder over to my pc (just in case, I make a mess of it).
2) Started manually deleting what I thought was not required. I did that for a few minutes and something else came up, and I did not get a chance to continue deleting.
3) I checked my website and looked at the home page and some pages/posts - all looked good.

4) A few days later, when adding new images, some of the small images in the view of the library displayed a blank. So I was too keen in my deletions.
**** This is key *****
I can copy them across from my copy when I get time.

This approach is kind of risky but is doable.

You might look at specific images (a screenshot of the images folder) before and after the deletions inside of WP to see what WP does.

That is one way to kind out the answer to your question.

Hope this helps.

This is a risky approach if you do not know what you are doing.

So what if there are images there taking up some disk space. They are only brought into use/memory if the specific image (and size) is requested. If the other images (with different sizes) are not requested, they are not brought into use/memory, they are just sitting on the hard drive. So it might be a lot of effort for little gain... which is why I have not got around to it yet.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Well these 3 duplicate image sizes are causing me to have terrible load times on mobile (24 seconds), so I don't believe all this deleting is in vain.

Nor do I think that the unused image sizes that are "just sitting there unused" are not having an adverse effect on my slow page speeds.

Right now I have all my images backed up on a hard drive, I just hope I am deleting all the unused image sizes.

Thanks for trying to help Dave. If this fails, I may try Filezilla.
jetrbby80316 Premium
I've been replacing the old images of 2 MB with the same image reduced to about 75 - 150 kb and apparently it is started working.

Yesterday, the mobile page load speed was quite slow, and Mobile Speed showed t to be 24 seconds!

A member checked it on mobile a few minutes ago, and the page load speed is now only 3 seconds
DynamicDavid Premium

Oh, in case you do not know, you can obtain Google Page Speed Insights from within WA. Go to Site Manager and select the Details Page for one of your domains, and page down a bit. You see the Google Page Speed Insights there.

Select a page (or pages) and wait for the results. Any you do not like, click on the G on the far right to repeat the test in Google. Get the results. Then select mobile or desktop, go down to the bottom of that page, you can get a zip file of what Google has 'make better' for you. Grab those images, and insert them into WP replacing your existing images of the same name.

Check file sizes of the images in WP against the Google supplied image. If the Google supplied images has a lower file size, then replace the one in WP with the Google one.

I wrote a blog in WA about making image file sizes smaller a while back: I have found that a few images that Google makes less in image file size does not beat the smaller image file sizes sometimes of the approaches mentioned in that blog. That is why I note the image file sizes.
DynamicDavid Premium
I am just after adding an image to one of my articles on one of my websites.

The size of the original image was 517 KB.

I cropped it just to show just what I wanted, came to 52.5 KB - which was a round circle and about half its size.

I then changed image type from png to jpg image type.

The final size was 6.45 KB.

The final size is not even 1.25% of its original size.

Just shows what some "little smart" work can do.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Yep, good moves Dynamic Dave and you can further optimize using WP Smush.
Armlemt Premium
I'm afraid that I do not know the answer to your question, but I hadn't seen you in a while, so I thought I would say Hi!