I changed all passwords and I keep getting tons of messages that the password has been changed for a user that I've never heard of. I've always had that problem, but it was limited to, say 5 a week or so. Now it's 5 per quarter.

Hope you can help.

Paul Harts

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deelilah Premium Plus
I know exactly what you're talking about. I receive these also from WordPress. I changed my password there and still receive this odd notice. I finally decided the messages are about someone else within WP changing their password, which serves as an automatic reminder to everyone to do this, the goal being that we do it now and again. As you said, the notices increase or decrease for a while. Maybe more people this quarter did change, or not, triggering the message. I got one this week. So, these I now ignore and so far, suffer no dire consequences.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - scroll down and see my answer, if it helps.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Are you using a security plugin?
jghwebbrand Premium
Sounds like a bot could be causing that.

Do all of your Wordpress backoffice registered users have a common sense name?

Do you want visitors to sign up as users? setting found at Settings-> General -> membership (check uncheck anyone can register.
feigner Premium
if you goto your site and click on users in the left sidebar
and delete any users you don't recognise
after following diane's suggestion you wil lnot have any other users creating accounts on your site ..unless you allow them to...
i hope you get it sorted
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - are you talking about your website?

I wonder if you have got the setting that allows other people to register as users on your site?

Log in to your site and go to Settings and General. There is a box that says "anyone can register" - this should not be ticked/checked.