I have had several comments for my post on my home page "Believe and You Will Succeed. Now at the bottom of my home page there isn't any comment box. When I go into edit it, the posts are there and when I update and preview they are not there

I went to WP.org how to turn the comments on for my posts I did all that they asked and it is still not working and I tried all of there suggestions, I need help as this is beyond me. It says at the bottom of the home page that the comments are turned off? I didn't turn them off, I'm at a loss and discouraged as my comments were all good:( I'd like to send my website link out to my social group, but I don't want to do that if these comments are not showing up to continue my thread and there is no comment box on my home page for people to leave comments?

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PjGermain Premium

I visited your website. I think I see the problem.

in your Settings > Reading
You have it set to "YOUR LATEST POSTS" - radio button very top

That's okay, actually good for SEO.

But, I believe what has occurred is that you created a Blog post that you intended to be your home page.

So, you can either share that post OR copy the contents via the TEXT option and create a page with it.

let me know if you need help. I've done this a lot by accident. :-)
PjGermain Premium
They should still be there.... go to your dashboard in WP, down the left margin, click Pages (by itself) Then, find your hompage... Click Quick Edit under it. There is a single checkbox for comments. Turn it on.
RobMos Premium
Yep....per your recent advice, and viewing the above, I was looking for the comment box. Will check back. Thanks!