I have found that if you create a reusable block in a post, save it and then use it in other posts.
I went back into a post because I didn't like the position of the block so I removed the block.
When I looked at my other posts they had all disappeared as well.
If Ninjay has come across this problem could he give a hack to fix it? Or if you have had the same happen on your site.

I have to do every single post again.

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nathaniell Premium Plus
I don't use this setup, but it sounds like one of two situations.

1) When "deleting" you are actually deleting the template instead of an individual block. Are you just hitting the backspace button and deleting a selection of text, or are you going in and clicking a "delete" button somewhere?

2) Perhaps if you delete the original block, it deletes all copies as well. This sounds like a silly situation for GeneratePress to create, but perhaps it's something they haven't thought through.

I think their support team may be able to provide more insight into this.
Kevin-WA Premium
I think it deletes the template. I have just backspace some templates yesterday and it got rid of the block without destroying the template