I am in the process of trying to transfer an existing website of mine over to WA. I want to re-build the whole site using WP, because I believe it was built totally wrong.

It currently consist of 18 different "categories" , each with about 20 products that I wanted to promote as an affiliate. It also basically just have a whole lot of affiliate links to the various products, with no real informative content on individual products.

My questions are :

1. In your experience, which is better .... One big site with 18 different pages/categories,


2. 18 Different small sites each for just one "category" each ?


Personally I would prefer to have just one big site, BUT have

separate pages in my menu, and each menu topic to have a dropdown for various products in that specific category.

Further, I can foresee a home page (blog roll) where I can post write-ups on each individual category and it's products.

If I have to go for a lot of small sites, I will have to do them in Site Rubix as free websites, because I cant afford new domain names for all.

Is there any reason why the Site Rubix sites will not perform as well as purchased domains ?

I will highly appreciate your advice and guidance please. I NEED to make some money.

Thank you


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MoritzS Premium
I don't have that much experience with websites yet, but I know from youtube that you should never mix your niches together.
I would guess that this is true for websites, too.
You might get worse ranking on google, if you mix your niches together on one site.
Like I said this is just what I know from Youtube. It might be different for websites.
Loes Premium
As I heard Kyle once say, you can make more millions with one terrific website, then with 10 averages ones.
grampamike Premium
How about 10 terrific sites? lol
Loes Premium
jvranjes Premium
I agree with Mark.

Having sub-domain site on siterubix should not work for affiliate programs, this is what we have been told in the lessons here.Having your own domain is a must.
Mark Tait Premium

If they are products within the same niche - I would do one site, and focus on creating what's called an authority site. So say it was for inflatable toys :) You could build a large site reviewing them, getting opinion from users, recommending the best pumps etc.

At some point, when you have all those reviews, and recommendations for associated products and tips/hints on what to look for - then you could become the "go to" website for news on inflatables.

However, if each of your categories are completely unrelated - say, one for inflatables, one for watches, one for garden furniture etc - then they have no natural link. No-one would be searching for a ladies watch, and see you have a link for inflatable castles, and buy one of them instead.

That type of site wouldn't make sense - and therefore you'd be better splitting it into a site for each category - specialising in that one category/niche/product.

As for siterubix - I believe the content of your site will probably have more weight put to it, than the domain it's on (someone may correct me) - but siterubix sites certainly do rank.

However, for the more successful products (if you did go with separate sites), you could probably get your own domain, which is specific and easy to remember (possibly more so than a subdomain of siterubix).

I hope that helps?

All the best, Mark
sarita72 Premium
I think it would be bests a big website, with the categories or menus with the dropdowns. That's just my opinion, humble one. I'm a newbie, and didn't start getting any money at all...so, I don't know if my opinion is that valid! I can't answer the question about Rubix, because I purchased a domain and use it right away, and had no problems at all.