Over the years I have made a few websites and had always used my root directory to hold an image folder for holding images and I never ever use the WP media library.

As I make my way through the WA training I have been using the WP media library and found it to be a little glitchy. I have also noticed that the URLs of the images are a bit of a mess even though you can change the alt text and title. Thinking about it now it might make sense to change the file name before I upload to WP media library to make them better looking for SEO benefits.

I think I kinda answered one of my questions right then but the other question is does it help with page load speeds if I had a separate image folder in my root directory or just to keep using the WP media library?

I think I've explained that correctly. Any answers would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Abledragon Premium
Hi Bryan,

In most sites I build I create a separate folder on the server called 'images' and upload all my site images to that.

I do use the Media Library when I'm building sites for clients because, especially if they're not particularly techy minded, it's a bit more user-friendly for them.

However, there is no difference in the speed at which the images load based on whether they're in a separate folder on the server or within the Media Library (which, at the end of the day, is also just a folder on the server).

The only thing to keep in mind is that, if you're using a backup plugin, you should check the settings to make sure your 'Images' folder is included in the backup process.


BryanPerry Premium
Awesome cheers Martin,

Exactly the answers I was looking for, thanks for the tip about the backup plugins.👍

jojocinq Premium
I use the WP media library. So far so good
BryanPerry Premium
Thanks all,

Maybe I didn't explain in the correct way. I do indeed have a seperte folder for them on my desktop, I was wondering what would it effect speed once uploaded to to my site.

For instance would the images pull faster from an image directory folder or from the WP media library.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Bryan, right now I keep them in a folder on my desktop!

SJB Premium
I haven't used anything else bit the WP media library. It works just fine for me. Perhaps it's the theme that you are using that is causing the problem? Perhaps it's the quality of the images?
BryanPerry Premium
Thank you SJB,

I will certainly take a look at the theme.