So I generally use Site Content for all of my content, I like how I can create templates and just use those as like a premesis formatting for my content so I don't have to think as hard. But now I think that I might start using the WordPress editor now because I just look at other blogs inside of my space, and they look like..y'know, the content was written in 2022.

Meanwhile, my content still looks like it is from 2018 lol.

Here's a small excerpt from my last post on my website. It's the typical table of the product.

A lot of other blogs have like a blue or dark grey square that circles all of the tale of the tape section in their review.

Meanwhile, mine matches the white background, it's plain, it's boring, and it makes all of my content look like last year's news. I want to improve the design and architecture of my content. Are there any good classes here at WA to help me with this?

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richardgb Premium
Hi David
Most themes allow a degree of customisation and so do many blocks in the WP block editor. The challenge is that there are many options.

In your shoes, I'd start by searching for information on customising your chosen theme or simply play around with the customisation options under appearance in the WP dashboard...

also, if you see a site that you like the look of, it's worth making a note for reference... even if you just use it as a template for adapting your own.