I have a good idea WHAT they are But WHEN they are is the Question ? I have pages on my site that have a "Leave a Reply" at the bottom so I Do Not believe they are static. I know posts have a comments section at the bottom in my theme Twentythirteen......................................................................My Question is basic. Should we just use a Post for our landing page only or make other posts too? Secondly, If I see the interaction I have with my Pages and the option of placing a reply or comment then why do we need posts ? Just Sayin .......Scotty B ♫
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judebanks Premium
I answered your question in the other thread you started up for this topic and you have other replies there. ~Jude
jvranjes Premium
Too many questions at one go. This is all covered in Kyle's Certification Courses.
Pages also have comments. Pages are evergreen content, without date. Posts are not, they have date, they show more personal views. You need both.
heidio Premium
Both pages and posts have a comment section available. To eliminate them on pages like contact, about me and privacy policy etc you can press screen options at the top right inside of your wordpress website. Check comments and discussions in this section and scroll down to bottom and uncheck allow comments and uncheck allow discussions. Blog post are to start discussions and engage individuals that come to your site and are ever changing. Google likes this! Pages usually are static and have a fixed presence unless you are sending your posts to them with designated categories. It really just depends on how you want to design your internet presence as a blog or a website.