I have two questions about PageSpeed Insights.

When I run PageSpeed Insights that appears in WA. The desktop speed was ok at around 85-95%. But on mobile, it's around 50%!! Why do you think there is such a difference between the two and where do I start to handle this?

Finally, when I click on the PageSpeed Insights link and click on analyses I get a return that says "no data found"
Six months ago or so I was getting a result. Does anyone have a clue?

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hi Charles,

I've had a look at your http://m****flife.com website and the issues that you're seeing are due to PLUGINS!

I suggest that you disable a few of the following plugins to see how it affects your Mobile Scores:

"Sassy Social Share" or any other social sharing plugin. Google is complaining that this plugin blocking your site from loading dramatically.

"Ultimate Social Icons" is another blocking your page from loading for over 1 second.

You're also loading a number of 3rd party fonts:

Google Fonts and Font Awesome. The Font Awesome seems to be also blocking the page from loading significantly.

The more plugins that you add, the more latency you add to your website and that's going to have impact on your page speed scores.

Lazy loading images as Kyle recommend is definitely something to consider - however a big part of your page speed issues are due to the above issues.

drcharles666 Premium
Wow and double wow!! The first wow is getting a jackrabbit speed reply and on Thanksgiving no less. But I just remembered you and Kyle are Canadians. Do you guys even celebrate Thanksgiving? And a reply from the first team no less!!

The second wow was both you and Kyle answered a question I have had for months. I saw where my plugin score was only10.

I reached out to support but I never got a helpful answer. So thank you for a very concise and precise answer.

After I respond to Kyle's response I will make those changes.

Thanks again and take care Kyle

drcharles666 Premium
I don't see Google Fonts and Font Awesome. I see EWWW Optimizer is that the same thang?
Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
This is almost certainly images on your post and them all rendering on mobile, before your page loads.

I would consider adding this plugin to your website:


This should speed up your scores on mobile drastically in this circumstance.

You can find and install this by going to your "Plugins" tab in your website back office, and then searching for that plugin and installing it.
drcharles666 Premium
Thank you so much for the constructive advice. Very much appreciated!!

I just found and installed the plugin you mentioned.

Thanks again
JeffreyBrown Premium
Unfortunately, Charles, Mobile is a whole different animal! Good answers below though, my friend!

drcharles666 Premium
Thanks, Jeff
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome, Charles!