As your site gets more content your titles may eventually start to overlap - I was thinking that I had my permalinks properly set up, however I went to double check in my settings and the radio button wasn't selected - I did have some infor in the "custom structure" field it is as follows


In another older site I actually did select "custom structure" with the following info in the fields


which is the best one to use? this will help me from running into more issues as content in the site grows

I am thankful that I happened to think of this now - sometimes you think that you have did everything correct when setting things up but sometimes there are things that you missed, didn't click or even save correctly. Just par for the course.

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ExpatMark Premium
I believe the training says to not mess with the PERMA-link.
DaliborT Premium
Permalink, unlike the hyperlink, should be left unchanged. Permalinks should be kept simple, in order for people to easily remember. Your domain name should be permalink.

According to that, permalink should be kept as simple as possible, so the best way for permalink should be:

Post name for permalink is good for SEO. Keep your permalink as simple as possible.

Labman Premium
/%postname%/ is sufficient. No need to include the category.