There is obviously a way to edit comments on your site but what is the etiquette for doing this, if there is one? For example, I have received some comments that are appropriate but then they person mentions that they would like comments back. I'm obviously very happy to do that for them but I don't really want that part of the comment to appear on my own website for obvious reasons. Is it ok to edit the comment accordingly?

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mikewood1975 Premium
Yes, change or delete what you want in the comment. It is your site.
DEversley Premium
Hi Gail,

I would delete that portion of the comment.
WHearn Premium
If it is possible to edit the responses to simply remove the request, I say go ahead and do it, but be sure to respond to that person right away so that you don't forget. The main thing is to acknowledge their request.
GailLowe Premium
OK thanks. will do
Billion55 Premium
Wouldn’t that be like a conversation going back and further?
DShensky Premium
not sure maybe someone here knows the answer