I would like to build a band website for a friend.

I'd like to make it so that they dont need to worry about doing anything ecept for adding events and perhaps new demo tracks. I would manage the rest, including hostng.

What would be a good plugin that lets them come on and easily add any events that they boo and have them automatically list on the website?



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Nuggetz Premium
No, its not a member site I'm looking to do. But an option that just let's them submit aa form where the details will automatically create a listing. I imagine that classified sites probably work on the same principle.
I could of course just have them email me the details via a form and thrn use thrm to create the listing myself, but i looking for some sort of automation.
feigner Premium
you could use one of the classified ads plugins...
than all they do is to add an ad for a gig or possibly a link to hte demo track which can then be uploaded to social media
WordPress Classifieds Plugin
or Classified Listing maybe possibilities...
how you stop others from creating accounts ... don't know unless you can make it a pay site and they have a coupon....
is that sort of what you are looking for
Triblu Premium
Hey Kev,

Already answered that question here: