Dear all,

My purpose is to use my site to adhere to several affiliate programs in my niche. I will write quite a lot of review for the products and I would advise on different features by giving them marks. Of course, the readers can leave comments to my reviews. On the main page, I intend to have a comparison table between the products, summarizing the main features relevant for the visitors. I would like to publish articles related to the products (ideally on the product page) and to the trends in my niche (in the main page).

After spending some time searching for the 'right' theme, I could come up with the following themes which I would like to use: Rehub, InReview, Genesis Framework and Schema. All those are premium themes.

Please feel free to give me a feedback regarding those themes, based on your past or current exposure and experience. Of course I am more than happy to take into account your suggestions or, if you are aware of free themes suitable for affiliate programs, you can share this.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!


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Henry-II Premium
I have found that “Feature Filter” is very useful when I’m searching for a theme with specific features. If you have not applied these Filters, here is a brief guide where to do so:
TDBauer Premium
Those are some good themes, but if you haven't yet, check out the various themes from Thrive.

I started using their themes and have been wonderfully surprised by them: clean, fast, versatile.