Hi, Can you recommend what is the best wordpress theme to use both free and paid - mainly for reviewing products? Thanks

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ExpatMark Premium
Generate Press is the theme du jour right now. I would suggest just using the Hiero theme that Kyle uses in the training for starters. It makes building your site so much easier and you can always change themes.
I looked for 6 weeks before finding a perfect paid theme. Do not rush that process.
Stanleycmng Premium
Julie, I am following the comments as well. I agree that it is hard to choose a best because it depends on what you want in a theme and your niche as well.

Choosing is challenging because you have many choices. Yes, thousands, therefore it takes a while.

You can choose several and put them into your favorites folder. Then you just choose from there.

I have a favorite I use, it is generate press theme.

As Lenka mentioned, you can change themes anytime.
LenkaSophie Premium
Hi Julie, noone can say which theme is best, it depends on your "view" of the website, you have to like it. I personally prefer rather a simple design, not too much distraction. You can always pick one and change it later.
julieyam Premium
Thanks. The reason I asked because I always caught up browsing and browsing themes... I find it my time is wasted.
LenkaSophie Premium
It took me ages to choose mine too! Then I was reconsidering it for some time. And finally I came to the conclusion that content was more important than the theme :)
Bald Eagle Premium
There is no "best" - any WP theme will work.
Pick one and get started - you can always change the theme later without losing the content.
I use Elementor (free version) but it is a learning process.
Best of luck