When I click links, which lead to one of my own websites I get the warnining, this could be a dangerous website, where does this warning come from?

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Abledragon Premium
Hi there,

If you're getting a full page warning after clicking your website URL, it may be being generated because one of the scanning sites has blacklisted your site.

This can be a false alarm, which happen all too often unfortunately, but the next step is to scan your site at Sucuri Sitescan (it's completely free):


I've attached a screenshot of the Sucuri results page. If there is a malware warning on the left or a blacklist return on the right you will need to take some action, depending on what is returned.

If your site comes up clean then that warning could be being generated if your SSL certificate has expired.

First step would be to scan your site at Sucuri and see what result is returned.

If your site contains malware the quickest solution is to ask Site Support to restore your site from a clean backup. If you know when that warning first appeared, then ask Site Support to restore your site from a backup dated *before* the date you first noticed the warning.

Once your site has been restored be sure to change all passwords associated with the site and make sure all your plugins, themes and the WordPress core are up to date.

Let me know if I need to clarify anything.