i have heard jay in the training mention yoast but is it better than all in one ? is there any difference? or is it just the same ? i just want the best i can get.

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Aussiemuso Premium
I'm totally into Yoast as my mentor here loaded it onto my website to help me learn to write better and maximize my SEO. I really enjoy using the editing tools and meta description boxes to get my posts listed faster in Google. Make those lights turn green for readability and SEO.

I even wrote a blog here called 'A toast to Yoast.'
All in one is great as are a few others. It depends on what you are doing on your website and your needs.

Lily 😁🎶
Mark K Premium
This question comes up all the time with marketers. Simply put there probably isnt one that is the best as they all are constantly changing and adding features.

Personally use RankMath, has more of the features i need. Schema is one that you shouldnt overlook.

AIO is probably best for those following the training here at WA.

Yoast i find bloats the website somewhat. Also the green and red dots can be a distraction from writing, as you always want them green.
DianeK59 Premium
In my opinion, it's a personal preference. I've used Yoast for years and so find it easier to stick with. AIO is good, but Yoast just seems like a better fit for me. As someone else mentioned, it is used by many pro bloggers, but some find other plugins work better for them.
Yoast has a decent free version. I use that for some sites, but my main sites are on premium.
JKulk1 Premium
I use Yoast on two websites and All in One for another. In my opinion Yoast performs the best and is the one most preferred by professional bloggers. Jim
ChrystopherJ Premium
Yoast adds more features around keywords and content writing, and Yoast Premium adds even more around these areas, however, I personally use Rank Math as it combines a lot of plugins into one, such as Yoast Premium, Pretty Links and Schemas. And it's free. I still recommend All in One SEO for 95% of bloggers and affiliate marketers though, but if you do want the advanced features, then consider Rank Math over Yoast and AIO SEO.
Lee-Pat Premium
as i'm trying to be an affiliate marketer/ blogger i will stick with AIO SEO thanks