Hey guys I have been approved for a car rental affiliate program.

They have offered me the following:

"We can give you a booking engine in an iframe, or we can give you logos with the affiliate code included",

I understand how to implement the affiliate code but I really think a booking engine would be awesome. But what is an iframe and what do I do with it?
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Larry_T Premium
looks like your covered
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Amazon uses Iframes Jason
MarionBlack Premium
It's the same as embedding a YouTube video. You copy and paste the HTML into the Text tab (not the Visual tab) in your post or page. ~Marion
lavera Premium
Jason you can check this out http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp
to see how iframe look. Basically it is html code you've add to your site
sschmidt Premium
Hey Jason,

iframe - official definition http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp

Basically it is a web page inside a frame on your webpage. Allows your 2 display one page in another.
Setting up an iframe tag is pretty simple, just basically add the code where you want the iframe to be. Inside the iframe tag will be a link to another page which it will display inside the frame. Facebook use it heaps to section up their page.

Implementing is pretty much the same as inserting any other piece of HTML code.

Hope this helps.
jasontw111 Premium
Would I be able to just drop the code on the text only part of a post of a custom sidebar without have to go into my theme editor? I always worry I will mess things up when I have to go to the editor.
sschmidt Premium
Yea, should be able to, just use a text widget. The thing to make sure is that the inserted page size (iframe) fits where you want to put it otherwise the iframe will put scroll bars on which doesn't look good or worst, no scroll bars and cutoff part of the inserted page.