Hello, I have been following the training and I am currently at the stage where I am to write and publish my About Me post. I have done that but I noticed when I view it shows "Uncategorised" with the option to change Categories when I edit the post. Am I supposed to change the category or leave it? IF I am to change it, would I name the Category "About Me"?

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feigner Premium
if you click on posts in your wordpress dashboard - you can then click on categories
if you click on edit uncategorised and change the title to something else - then you are different from 80% of wordpress users.
categories are a bit like chapters in your niche.
taking your main topic, you should be able to break that down into 4 or 5 sub topics - which you will be adding content to.
make these categories and you can assign articles to them.
you can use tese catagories as menu items - so when visitors click on them they see all the post assigned to that category.
it groups common posts togethe.
have fun
aNathanJB Premium
Hello Phil,
Thank you so much for answering that! That has helped a lot, I will definitely go ahead and do that.

Thanks for the help,