Hi again, everybody.

I'm wondering if I deactivate the plugin Pretty Link, will the customized links keep functioning as if the plugin was activated?

Because I've read some training discussing how to improve website's loading speed, and deactivating redundant plugins is within the solutions.

Thanks in advance for answering this.


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gmmf Premium
Once Pretty Link is deactivated none of the links will function. One of the things I have done is create a website with a pretty generic domain name, and I use it for all of my "Pretty Links"... and that is the only function of that particular site. Myybe you could use WeiXiangMarketing.com or something similar.
Amykaza79 Premium
Link promote not function
MarionBlack Premium
Plugins can only work when they are active. So if you deactivate Pretty Link then the links won't go to where you have set them to go.
LMH1968 Premium
Great question, I need the answer to this as well
feigner Premium
i don't think they will as it need to link to their site
without the plugin there is no redirection
and you will need to go through all the links added and change them back
so once installed .........
try it on a test site first before deactivating to see what happens
best way to see the problems with a plugin before using it on your main site.
good luck