I am wondering what are the best widgets to use to make one's website look professional. Mine is set up as a blog with information pages about my family farm. I have looked at other farm web sites that have maps of their location, hours of business, etc. Perhaps I could add those bits of information as a Contact Us page. At any rate, could you answer this question or point me in the right direction on WA to post this inquiry for feedback?

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Abledragon Premium
Hi there,

I agree with @suzieq re the sidebar widgets, and here's an additional point: on mobile handsets the sidebar gets pushed down below your content, so no one will see what's in it unless they scroll all the way down.

My suggestion would be to create a contact page and add the map and hours of business there. It's the logical place for that information.


Palatia Premium
I think it's also good to have an opt-in form for your mailing list.
suzieq Premium
Hi Justin,
I only have a couple of side widgets. One is telling people about the possibility of affiliate links, and the other is an opt-in to a free 10-day bootcamp.
I'm seriously thinking of moving them because I really like a clean page.
If you have a local business, adding a map would be very useful for your readers. You can add your hours and contact number up in your header somewhere so it doesn't take away from the main articles.
Using your footer widgets is another great place.
One thing I personally hate when I see other websites is the overuse of side widgets. It's very distracting, and I don't think it looks professional at all.
Hope this helps,
MacCurdy Premium
Thanks! I agree with your position on the sidebars. A tidy header bar and a footer for widgets is attractive to me in web design. Thanks for the tips.