I`ve seen that since 28th of last month, google console keep adding poor url and now they`ve gone upto 80.Anyone have an idea what poor URLs are and how do I solve this?

I added no plugin and the posts are not new and changed nothing in them so I just don`t understand.

Thanks so much in advance

This is from minutes ago

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Stella2 Premium
I got one of those the other day, Roamy.
So I researched it and discovered it has to do with something like an image (or table) on your site shifting around on mobile.

Something to do with it not being responsive to mobile, I think. Like it loads, but then shifts a couple of seconds later.

You know how sometimes you go to hit a button and then it shifts and you hit the wrong thing.

I see what Chrystopher said below about adding the responsive add-on. According to what I was reading, that would make sense.

Hope this helps. I understood what I was reading, but I'm not very techy so can't explain it well.

If you follow the "learn about it" link in GSC you'll get more info there, too.

Stella :-)
megawinner Premium
Hi Roamy, I hope you have resolved it. let us know. Cheers.
MarionBlack Premium
Are you using tables? Tables can cause a Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) when being displayed on a mobile device.
roamy Premium Plus
I intalled WP table press as I`m refreshing the look of my site and posts.
Do you think it could be the problem? and if so, what`s the alternative? because I need tables. Have any ideas what I should do`?
Thanks Marion
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Have you installed the WP TablePress Responsive Add-on? You can download it from their website.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
This is the direct link to the Add-on on their website

42Louise Premium
I don't know but I want to know, so keeping an eye out to see what experienced members say.

Thank you for asking the question.