Using Wordpress, I am using the 'Storefront' theme. I installed the WooCommerce plugin and the WZone Lite plugin. When trying to import products from Amazon via the Wzone Lite plugin, it shows that it imports the product(s), but then when I go to the 'Products' tab, nothing is there. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Thank you!


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DClarke1 Premium
Hey RLimon

Install the woo zone plugin today for 5 hours I try over and over and the products are not showing up, it's on my product page but not showing on my storefront.

Have to look into it some more.

Triblu Premium
Hey Becca,

In checking out your WZone Lite plugin, I found the following statement:
"Mandatory Step – You must enter the Amazon keys & affiliate ID in order to work.

After setting up the keys, simply check them and go and import products in the Insane Import section."

If you have not followed those instructions that might be your issue.

Hope this helps you.
RLimon Premium
Hey Trish! Thank you!

I did add the Amazon keys and affiliate ID. When I check them, I get the image below. However, when I try to import anything using the plugin, it shows that it imports but when I check on 'Products', it states that there are no products.
Triblu Premium
Amazon OneLink may help you with that issue. There may be no product available in your country but could be in, say another country where your potential visitor will be clicking.

The other aspect is that you could contact WZone Lite plugin support to see if they can offer you assistance with this issue.

Hope this helps you.