When I go to my website on my phone, part of the title of my website is cut off. Like it is too wide. I thought that it would automatically change things so that someone looking at my website from their phone would still get a good view of it all?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
I'd make sure my theme is responsive, i.e. mobile friendly.

Kindly let us know if you were to figure this out.
MSullo Premium
How do I make sure my tyheme is responsive?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I click it and read description. If it says responsive, then it would be.
feigner Premium
it may be a plugin fighting your theme ...or it maybe your theme not being fully responsive....
most theme are responsive now but there are some that are getting older and may not work as well as more popular ones...
take a look at wordpress.org and choose themes ... find yours and make sure it is downloaded a lot and is updated in the last few months.....
but yes you do want something that looks good on mobile or vistors wil lnot have a good experience...
i hope you find a solution...
let us know which theme it is and the plugins you have loaded and activated....
MSullo Premium
I am using the Generate Press theme. My plug ins are
Ad Inserter
FS Poster Lite
Kraken Image Optimizer
Sassy Social Share
Site Kit by Google
The SEO Framework
The SEO Framework-Extension Manager

And they are all active
feigner Premium
what's the url...
your theme should be fully responsive, and your plugins are standard ones - so shouldn't interfere with hte themes responsiveness...
do you have a long site title...longer than the width of the mobile screen...
jghwebbrand Premium
Usually themes will wrap the Website title if it is too long for one single line.

Some themes allow you to change the font size of the site title.
No sure if yours does. You can check Wordpress backoffice scroll down to Appearance -> customize -> global -> topography.

You can do a search and see if your theme "help" provides CSS to change the site title size for mobile.

You could also use your free siterubix.com website to try different themes if you are using a dot com to create your main site..
ZachK Premium
Hey Maria,

I don't know if you're using a theme (GeneratePress, Astra, etc.) or a page or a theme builder (Elementor, OxygenBuilder, etc.) to create your website, but I'm using a theme builder to create mine and In order to make it responsive (work properly on all devices "PC, tablet, smartphone") I have to make adjustments in my theme builder for each device.

I hope this helps you, but maybe people who have been doing this longer than me can be of more assistance!

I hope you get it sorted out :)

Zach "The Prosperous View"