I have a problem! I can´t find out how I can have thumbnail in the front page of the theme MH magazine, you know, with the side of all new posts. Are anyone here which use this theme which know what i should do?

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IAnum1 Premium Plus
I hope its not different from other themes. Go to the post in your wordpress dashboard and place the cursor on the left side margin of the line. ( you place the cursor on the left margin opposite where you want the image to appear on the right side. there is an in built feature of wordpress which will align your image to the right).
click add media
click upload files
click select files
choose your image
on the right side, add caption, alt text and description etc
check alignment- whether you want it left or right
change the image size to thumbnail
click insert into post
I hope this helps
Noteboom Premium
Thank you, but I know this. This is for writing the post. But what I have in mind is that in this theme you can have an image on front page too. It looks like I need to have premium there which is strange because they show it as normal.