I've been using Wordpress for years and never had this happen before.

i added an About Me page to my test site. Previewed it. Made some changes, published it. Made a few more small changes, Published again. Done. Or so I thought.

And an hour later about 800 words of content has gone. Just a blank page is left same as it was a few hours ago.

I saw someone else mention it happened to them too - I just assumed they didn't know how to find a Draft post. But I guess not - looks like there's a bug.

Start again tomorrow.

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sage1954 Premium
i don't think there is a bug, IMc. I had the same problem and what it was is that I hadn't added the pages to my menu. Try doing that and see what happens. After I did that my pages showed up. Let me know how it works out for you.
Christabelle Premium
I am wondering if it might be worth putting in a support ticket and asking them about this.
bazboy247 Premium
Go to your page and look to the right at the revisions tab see if it is there click on revisions

TheCatherine Premium
I doubt it is a bug. Open your post or page again and see if it appears in HTML mode. As you know there are two ways of editing the site visual and code. If you can see it in HTML then copy and paste it to a text document and save it to your dashboard so that you have a backup.
Then look on the right-hand side and see what the status of the article is.
mundy22 Premium
Check where you click to save Draft post, it may have gone to Revisions its done that to me click browse I think you will find it there.
IMc Premium
No. It was totally gone. It was Published and then revised and re-published. I logged in and out to see if it was a browser issue. But it had still gone. Fortunately , I can thank the baby Jesus for browser caching and found I hadn't closed the tab I viewed the published page in. So I just cut & paste and saved again. Then checked. And re-checked. And it's still there. :-)
mundy22 Premium
Ok, at least you haven't lost the work, sometimes you can't get back those thoughts you had when writing it in the first place. Am glad for you all the best.