1. My sitemap file error when I search on https://varvy.com/ or another tools too. But, it shows on google search console and google and bing web master tools only.
  2. robots.txt file or Robots.txt file is correct file. I upload Robots.txt file, but when I search that Robots.txt file not consider to SEO tools. when I went to http://myservice/robots.txt file on my site, it has different details, but, I uploaded another file to root directory. if anyone can tell where can I upload or where can I find robots.txt file. if there is a idea about tell me.
  3. Last one you also check my request in your site too. you can find such error, if there is

Thanks in advance


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PaulWatson Premium Plus
I had similar problems with my Sitemap.. I sent a request to Site support and they 'fixed' it for me...

You could try that if you are still getting errors...
Karli333 Premium
I have the same problem with varvy...but I know my sitemap works..Im ignoring it...they also claimed cache problems and I almost ruined my whole website trying to fix it. Cache is handled here in WA so not worried about it.
MLorenz1 Premium
Sam, I'm so sorry for all your trouble, but I don't know how to solve or help. Hopefully someone here at WA has an answer for you. Good luck with fixing it.

kevinzshan Premium
I used the All In One SEO plugin to generate all my files and it has been fine. If you're still running into issues, you should contact Site Support. They might have your solution.
AmazeCPS Premium
That is a good idea, I'll look for it