I have found that there are 18 posts in my site are being accidently blocked appearing in search engine results.how it happen and how can I know what are those posts and how can I remove it and I need to re appear those posts in search engines.

i don't know what has happened.
my expert friends pls help me to learn about this issue and fix the matter.


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richardgb Premium
Hi Chinthaka
The info below is all accurate ... assuming you are using AIOSEO plugin. Which tool are you using for SEO?
Chinthaka5 Premium
jghwebbrand Premium
When you go into each post or page after the content scroll down do you see a SEO section where you can uncheck NO FOLLOW NO INDEX?

If not all of your Post And Pages Are affected the settings should be on each individual POST or Page.
ZachK Premium
Hey Chinthaka,

I'm still fairly new to this, so I'm not quite sure how to solve your problem.

It appears as though your posts have a no-follow attribute associated with them.

I'm not sure how to handle follow and no follow attributes with posts.

I have created a menu link from my website to another one of my websites and after a little research I found out how to apply the no-follow attribute to that.

However, I'm pretty sure it is not the same for posts.

I did just have a look at where we edit our posts and at the top right, it says publish.

In there it says visibility, is that clicked to public on the posts that you are having trouble with?

If not click it to public and update to see if that helps.

Although, if it is clicked to public or you do that and it still doesn't work then I'm sorry, you will have to get help from someone more experienced than me.

I hope you get it sorted out!

AbieAJ Premium Plus

According to notes below their SEO is undetermined to advise further resolving their issue.

Thank you for your notes.
Chinthaka5 Premium
they show few of these.and say there are 18 pages blocked.i need to resolve this.
pls help
Triblu Premium
Hey Chinthaka,

Looks though you may have clicked on the option to NOFOLLOW and NOINDEX that is offered in a separate window below EACH of those posts in whatever SEO plugin you are using.

Once you UNCHECK those options, you can go back to Google Analytics and click the button to verify you have fixed this issue. You will probably need to verify EACH post being fixed.

Hope you find this helpful,
Chinthaka5 Premium
hi thanks
pls tell where is it and how can i find it?

Triblu Premium
Open one of the posts mentioned in your WordPress website, though you were going to edit the post. Then... scroll down to BELOW the area that your post content sits in.

Not knowing WHICH SEO plugin you are using... whether Block or Classic Editor used, I cannot even provide you with a screen print as there are far too many choices.

The area I refer too will be easy enough to spot once you sign into your WordPress Dashboard and get one of the posts in your list, ready though you were going to edit the content.