Hi Guys, Sorry for the long question.
As many of you may know, I have started a new niche just before Christmas. My new site is whatisinireland.com . With this site I am willing to take it slow and get it just perfect, my plan is to wait until 20-30 posts before monetizing it. Im in no hurry as I am loving it muxh better than my last site.
You may notice in my site that many of the pages on my menu are empty, I have those menu titles there just for display purposes at the moment and will end u changing my whole menu layout.
Here is where I need advice:

What I would like to do with my menu is have a dropdown element. As the name of my site is What is in Ireland, I would like to have one title in my menu saying "What is in...", then have the drop down titles listing the counties of Ireland. So for example you will click What is in..,then you may click Dublin or Donegal etc.

But then I am faced with a problem, there are 32 counties which will mean the menu will be too long and some of the counties will go below screen view. So I'm thinking of putting in the 4 Provinces instead, Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Conaught. Then from each province have a further drop down with the counties in each, s for exapmle Munster will have Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick and Tipperary. Also later I could add in a title labeled major cities whenever I build up content. What do you guys think of this.

I also want to know how I can create blog pages elsewhere in my site as I would like to have on each of these pages, the relavent posts listed into them, some of these counties will have 10 or more posts in them so I feel if the post summaries are listed into them so people can click read more it would be great. Can anyone help.

Another aspect which I would like on my home page is a clickable map, thank you Angela Hall for showing me how to do this. But I want to have it as a static post and the have the rest of my blog running normally underneath, is this possible and how do I do it?

In my posts I plan to add a custom sidebar, thank you Polly (Pbar47) for the training in this. I want to then add a map in this sidebar pinpointing the area I'm talking about. I took many of your advice and downloaded the Comprehensive google maps, but have gotten a message that this plugin is being discontinued soon. Can anyone recommend me another one that is good,

Sorry for the length of this, I probably will have more to ask soon lol.

Thank you
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WKnoepp Premium
Linking to internal pages and setting tags is a good option.
richpierson5 Premium
Sorry, you are ahead of me on this one, but no worries mate I'm sure someone here knows the answer.
jvranjes Premium
I think I am facing the same problem. I have mountains, and will have a long drop-down menu, too many items, no escape.

Yes, I cam recommend you something on maps, have a look into my site here is one example:


and if that kind of map is OK I shall get back to you. We can perhaps go through it in private messages because there are some issues with this map application.

I thank Tommy in advance, have to see what he suggested as a solution, but a bit later.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Hi Jason, the site is great by the way a really refreshing look at Ireland. You can change the home page to a static post
Make a static post
If you don't want to add it as pages you can do it as posts using categories, and list all the counties on the side widget Nathaniel has made a fantastic training here everyone should read
The Differences Between Posts & Pages
tommydillard Premium
Here this will help you.
How To Create A Drop Down Menu