I just typed a detailed question and lost it. For that reason, I am keeping this very short.

I have a 6/7 months problem with a Google Adsense warning about the ads.txt file for my website.

After Site Support installing the ads.txt file in February, I could see the file within the source code of my website.

I can no longer see the file within the site's source code. The warning message continues to appear in my Adsense account.

I've approached Site Support again today but am no further forward with this problem.

I would appreciate your help.



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LatinNomad Premium
Thank you so much for asking this question. Im in a similar position.

Best Regards,

LMH1968 Premium
Yes you should be able to see it
MarionBlack Premium
You should be able to see your ads.txt by typing http://example.com/ads.txt in your browser. If not then you need to upload it again.
It looks like this: https://marionblackonline.com/ads.txt
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks for your help Marion. I had been trying what you said but I was receiving a selection of files such as Desktop, Dropbox etc. What was appearing included a file containing an image I had sent to Site Support. Having cleared that file, I'm now seeing /ads.txt, as you described.

So, now I will patiently await Google's removal of their warning message!
AbieAJ Premium
Great question and a great answer.
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks Abie.
YumaBloggers Premium
It will only show in source code if you are looking at yoursite/com/ads.txt since it is not being added to your WordPress code. Don't worry much though as Google has yet to be able to remember detecting half of mine that it detected on their first crawl. A lot of false negatives.
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks for your help, Andy. It's a relief to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I've tried to contact Google with no results. So, I'll now accept what you say and try my hardest to apply a 'blind eye' to their warning.