Hey guys,

I was just wondering.. Should I spend a lot of my time on the design of the website, knowing that I'm still in the beginning phase of the bootcamp?

Because every time I check my website, I think of better ways to design it, but it takes a lot of my time which is negative for my productivity.

I feel like I already answered my own question, but I want some professional insights... Thank you in advance.



(PS: English is my third language, sorry for any mistakes and correct if you want)

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JackCao Premium
Discipline is the key. You need to set time to create content and move forward and you need to set time (maybe an hour or 2 a week) to work on the design of your website.
krystlezee Premium
Content. I'm just starting out with my own website, but I believe that content is the way to go; design is secondary. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing is great, but I think it's really the helpful and informative content that keeps people coming back.
I-Pedro-I Premium
I say content. You have a lot of "ugly" websites ranking good

However thinking of your website structure will help you out in the long turn.

Take a look at this, Cheers and wish you the best