Does anyone know how to set up an Word 8.1 for sharing your blog directly to your website? Not working when I enter my website name. Do I need to enter a WA URL?

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KatieMac Premium
see Andy has given you some good guidance good luck with it all
OSherrie Premium
Thanks Andy. just got a new computer and am trying to set everything up on windows 8. There is so much.
I believe Kyle answered the question for me. Don't want to take any chances of getting a virus or hacked.
I don't think it was windows live writer though. Thanks again Andy
nomda ploom Premium
I was wondering if you meant using Windows Live Writer? I have used this in the past, and it worked fine. If it is Word, then Kyle's warning should ring loud and clear, which I am sure it has...WordPress 3.9 is supposed to take Word direct and strip the code out without the need for the special copy and paste box. I don't trust that either! I use Wordpad and keep it very plain. However, the new WP editor is great to work with IMO.
Good luck, Andy
OSherrie Premium
Thanks Kyle. I was using Google docs but I lost my material so I switched back.
Kyle Premium
I would never recommend this. Word always adds "extra code" that will impact how your website looks and make formatting a nightmare.

I would either create your content directly in the Wordpress editor or if you want a copy of it, create in Word and then when you are ready paste it into the "text" portion of the code.

I personally use Google Docs (free) because it doesn't add all the crazy MS code that Word can add...which can lead to a lot of frustration.