Hi Kyle. I'm a WA Premium member. Is the version of Wordpress we get the free or pro version?

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leoemery Premium Plus
There is no pro version of wordpress - wordpress is a free open source content management platform.

I think you are referring to the themes you can use on wordpress.

All the themes you have access to are free. With many of those themes having paid pro versions.
jghwebbrand Premium
Wordpress is free and it is the content management system. It is the software used to build, modify, and maintain websites. It gives you the ability to create, modify your website. it is the foundation - database and structure.

To make wordpress useable and visible Wordpress themes can be chosen. Over 4,000 are free. Those are accessible to you for free in WA. if you choose to go with a Pro theme you pay the fee bug can use it on your website created and designed and hosted by WA . Websites can be quickly built using page builders. Some of those are free and others are not, but if they are Wordpress compatible you can use them on a website hosted by WA. (you pay the fee the the theme owner and then upgrade it on your WA hosted website. Wordpress plugins add additional functionality to Wordpress themes. Thousands of those are free and some have Pro versions. You can pay the fee to the plugin owner and use them 0n your website hosted in WA.

WA is platform designed to training, provide tools and support you are you own your online business website.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I am not sure what you are asking. WA websites are built on the WordPress platform which is open-source and free. However, that doesn't mean you have an account at either WordPress.com or WordPress.org if that's what you mean.
KMcNeil Premium
No, what I mean is that Wordpress has free and pro versions. The pro version has more features. What I want to know is if our WA membership gives us access to the pro version of Wordpress or just the free version.
DianeScorpio Premium
Are you talking about WordPress themes? With WA, you have access to over 7000 themes, but they will be the free versions.

It is up to the developer if they choose to offer a premium version with more features, but this is not included with your membership. It's your choice if you want to pay to upgrade.
bazboy247 Premium Plus
Wordpress is always free