I think I have a vague idea why they may have stopped.

Possible reason why No.1 I moved my blog to another tab on my website menu and replaced my homepage with a blank static page of my site.

Possible reason why No.2 I removed the time and date format from my Wordpress settings so it would not show how old my posts were.

My site is slightly under 2 months old. Iv'e created 4 posts over the past month span, one per week. I was thinking of not worrying about this question just yet and was going to wait till I reached installing analytics and a sitemap in the training to try and solve this issue on its own.

Anyone knows why this has happened?

I am patient if its because I am only doing 1 post per week on average.

Here's my site if you want to take a look around: scamvslegit.com

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LauraFuller Premium
Hi Ben,

I have been told that it doesn't matter how often I post but I have noticed first hand that when I post less my rankings go down.

Also, you may have some errors on your site. Installing analytics is a must to determine what may be going on.

So continue on through your training and you may find the answer.

All the best to you and if I can be of further assistance please let me know.